Walsh College

Business Information Technology

Walsh College is proud of the faculty of the Business Information Technology, Information Assurance, and Information Systems departments. These educated individuals provide students with the knowledge to work in the business or IT function within organizations. 


          Ronald Calvaneso        

                Lisa Foster
        Joseph A. Esdale    
   Joseph George        Kenneth Hirsch
      Patrick Howard

Joseph D. George

  Ervin Hoxha
      Theresa Kraft
Ervin Hoxha

      Eden Konja       Theresa A. Kraft 
             D. Stuart McCubbrey      
        D. Stuart McCubbrey
      Lesia I. Muszynskyj
Thomas J. Petz
Jeffrey Recor

Douglas B. Rivers

John Tonial
  Christopher A. Sobota 
Robert Sutton
           Terri Washburn        David Wood
  Diane Western