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Oct 19 2012
Tips to Make Your Resume Standout

The purpose of a resume is to interest the employer in calling you for an interview. Generic resumes are not effective in our competitive job market and a savvy candidate will micro-target/ customize their resume to match the position, employer, and industry they are applying to. It takes a little research and time, but it is well worth your effort. Employers report they generally spend less than 10 seconds on the initital screening process of reviewing resumes.

A resume should tell the employer in a glance that you are a match for the position by organizing your qualifications and skills that match the position requirements. Bold your headings so your qualifications are easily found and bold your job titles, degee(s), and skills the employer needs.

Understand the industry. Here is an example: customers are referred to differently from industry to industry.  Customers are referred to as guests in the hospitality industry, clients in professional services, patients in healthcare and customers in retail. Use the employer's language to demonstrate your transferrable skills. Have your relevant qualifications listed at the top of your resume so they are viewed immediately. The employer will not want to search your resume to try and find how you may be qualified.

Walsh College current students and degreed alumni are encouraged to schedule an appointment with a Career Services Advisor for individual assistance. Call (248) 823-1625 to schedule your appointment. Take advantage of being a Walsh current student or alumnus; we are your partner for life.


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