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Apr 8 2013







Sure, she loves jewelry and clothes and having fun, but Janelle Crudo is no ordinary 25 year old.

Sure, she frequents the Royal Oak scene, but mostly because she owns her own home there.

Sure, she’s only a couple of years out of college, having earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration at Walsh College in 2011. But she’s been in the benefits business for half her life - she remembers stuffing enrollment kits at the kitchen table when she was 9 or 10.

Sure, she works in her father’s company, CIA Financial Group, but she runs the benefits department and has the industry certifications and licenses required, making her a recognized expert in the field.

Janelle was recently featured in a prominent insurance trade publication representing the future of the industry, which is male-dominated. She credits her Dad but also her mentor, Ursula Scroggs, with her success. Ursula, CPA and managing partner at DKSS CPAs + Advisors, is a founding sponsor of the Leadership Center and facilitator of the Next Generation Affinity Group, of which Janelle is a member.

“In addition to being insightful and intelligent, Janelle is very quick-witted and funny. She’s a breath of fresh air in our Next Gen group,” says Ursula.

After hearing from some of the other members about their struggles with taking over the family business; Janelle sat down with her father and they mapped out a plan – over the course of many years – for her to transition into leadership with the firm.

Janelle admits that the changes in employee benefits have required rigorous study. So, she is currently taking a 15-month Registered Employee Benefits Consultant License course. Once she passes that, she’s going back to Walsh College for an MBA. One of the things she loves best about her career choice is meeting with the executive teams in a company, and influencing their human resources decisions beyond just the benefit package they purchase. She’s raised the attention of other women in the benefits field, including Tanya Boyd, president of her own agency who is quoted in the BenefitsPro magazine as saying: “Janelle is a rising star. Her fearless attitude exudes confidence with every prospect who is lucky enough to work with her. She surpasses all sales expectations while going to school. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious. I look forward to watching her career grow right off the charts.”


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