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Apr 15 2013
What Makes a Resume Standout

What Makes a Resume Standout?

Your resume is your marketing brochure that should motivate an employer to call you for an interview.  A resume is not your professional autobiography.  It is a targeted document that tells the employer that you have the qualifications that match the job you are applying for in a five second glance.  Recruiters generally take five to seven seconds to screen the first round of resumes received for a position. It’s no secret that employers want to hire a candidate that will add value; the bottom line is you have to make money for the company.  It’s important to know that different positions and industries may look for special skills, so you may need to have different versions of your resume.  No not mistake this advice for embellishing or putting incorrect information on your resume; that should never be done.  Here are some basic recommendations to help you prepare an effective resume:

  • In an introductory heading, tell the employer what you are seeking by stating the position you are qualified for followed by two or three sentences that describe your skills and how you can benefit the employer

-          Example: Marketing Specialist…, Experienced Accounting Professional…, Sales Representative…


  • List your strongest qualification for the job next

-          The heading may be your experience, education, academic projects, or volunteer experience

-          List your relevant skills for the position you are applying for

-          Note: students and recent graduates should list a GPA if it is 3.0 or above


  • When you create bullets under your employers, state your accomplishments and how you have improved efficiency, reduced costs,  increased profits, or exceeded goals by listing what you did and the results you produced

-          State your success stories and quantify results


  • List your leadership activities as well as awards, honors, and volunteer experience.  Employers are seeking candidates for future leadership roles and look for candidates that have proven they are motivated to achieve goals and make a difference

-          List scholarships, offices held, associations, tutoring, team membership, and sporting activities

Walsh College offers free individual advising for current students and degreed alumni.  Call (248) 823-1625 to schedule your appointment. Let Career Services help you transition or advance into your next career.  Your success is important to Walsh. 


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