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Jun 13 2013
Dissect Your Degree, School Experience Like a Surgeon

You’re in an interview and the interviewer asks, “In what way will your degree help you in this position?” One way to answer this question is to list what you learned to provide relevance to the question.  Another way to answer the question is to state a very general yet applicable response that may still lack any differentiation from the next candidate.  Or you can answer the question to discuss how in your QM 515 course where you learned to predict the market growth for social media over the 10 years using data from the Census Bureau and the First Research (a tool available to Walsh students).     

Here is another interview question: “Tell me about how you would do our company’s S.W.O.T. analysis?” How would you answer that? If you recall from the MGT/BBA 461 you learned about that: strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats. You begin by detailing what strengths the company has because you employed First Research (from the library database) to understand the industry. Furthermore, you explain what their threats are because you did research on the challenges in their R & D department. Additionally, you discuss the company’s expansion opportunities due to the depth of their executive’s industry experience and talent. Lastly, you remind them of the threat that technology presents to the company and how they can position themselves just a little differently. By using the D & B Million Dollar Directory -another tool from the Library’s database in the portal- you learned the names of the people who operate the company where you’re interviewing.  All of this while informing them that you also possess relevant and transitional work experience.   

Differentiating yourself is important in this high unemployment and extremely competitive job market. Some people pursue a degree to have a “piece of paper” but if you really look at it, it’s much more than that. Dissect your degree and the educational experience that came with it. There is a chance it could improve your interview experience and perhaps receive an offer. 


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