Walsh College

Driving Aspirations Campaign


Walsh College’s major funding campaign is called Driving Aspirations. Our goal is to positively affect the aspirations of our students by expanding educational offerings at Walsh College. This will, in turn, provide a strong workforce to grow our local economy. A thriving workforce provides support for cultural institutions, human service agencies and an excellent quality of life. Expanding educational opportunities at Walsh College strengthens our 90 year commitment to providing a quality, practical business education. 

The key initiatives to the Driving Aspirations Campaign:

Finance Lab “Live. Breathe. Business.” It is not just a slogan for our marketing plan. From the day Walsh Institute first opened its doors in 1922, the objective of the college has been to contribute to the growth of the Metro Detroit region.  From the Great Depression and through every recession, Walsh College has provided students with a practical blend of business theory and real-world application that can be put to work immediately, empowering our graduates to help their companies succeed in a complex and rapidly changing business environment.  

Today, the College faces the challenge of teaching a new, real-world skill set to students.  To enhance our competitiveness, particularly in the global financial marketplace, we propose the construction of a Finance Lab.   Construction of this highly sophisticated, interactive Finance Lab at the Troy, Michigan, campus will cost $1.1 million.   Named funding opportunities start at $25,000.

The Finance Lab will include technologies to deliver Wall Street and world markets to students.  We will employ Bloomberg, Stock Track, and CRSP Research software, among others.  A full-color LED ticker will wind along the top of this area’s outer wall with a continuous live feed of current stock prices and programmable messages.   The Finance Lab is expected to significantly improve the learning experience for Walsh students.  At the same time, it will serve as a lifelong education, research, and financial literacy resource for educators, area businesses and community residents. 

The Finance Lab’s research tools and databases will be useful to students in accounting, economics, MBA, business information systems, and information assurance courses. The Lab’s large-screen video displays will provide marketing and management students with the resources to produce colorful, multimedia presentations with impact.

Blackstone Launch Pad   Walsh College recognizes that entrepreneurship is a career choice!  Blackstone Launch Pad helps students, faculty/staff or alumni of Walsh College take their business idea to the next level by providing no cost, confidential, one-on-one entrepreneurship consulting resources.  Blackstone LaunchPad offers guidance at any stage in the entrepreneur process, whether it focuses on gestating an idea or - instead - growing a more developed business endeavor. Named funding opportunities start at $50,000

Scholarships   Scholarships help provide Walsh College educations to students who never thought they could afford to attend college or to those facing crisis, such as family illness or a job loss.  Scholarships also offer validation of a student’s hard work and achievement, providing confidence that can spur him/her to higher goals.  Achievement criteria must of course be met by scholarship students to maintain their awards.  Students tell us there’s a tremendous sense of pride that comes with earning a scholarship; past scholarship donors advise there’s an equal amount of pride knowing that their personal support helped motivate deserving Walsh students to excel.

To see a list of current scholarships offered at Walsh College click hereClick here to view videos of scholarship recipients. To establish a scholarship email Stan Simek or Laura Gabriel.