Walsh College

IT/Decision Sciences

Walsh College is proud of the faculty of the Business Information Technology, Information Assurance, and Information Systems departments. These educated individuals provide students with the knowledge to work in the business or IT function within organizations. 

Barbara Ciaramitaro
Chair, Decision Sciences

Gary Albert Cummings
 Terrance Dillard

  Joseph A. Esdale Lisa M. Foster James Gerrity 
Basem Haik
Houssein Hachem
Eden Konja Christian Kopacsi  Theresa A. Kraft

William F. Lehrer II  Lesia I. Mahon D. Stuart McCubbrey
Matthew Morgan 
Jennifer O'Meara
Hany Othman 
Hamed Sadrnia
Marla Scafe


 Ralph L. Schmitt

Sharon Spragg-Schaedel

Christopher A. Sobota Robert Sutton  John Tonial
Ryan Walther    Terri Richards
David A. Wood
 Sonali Thakkar      
Last updated: February 2017