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Michael Levens

Michael P. Levens Ph.D., FCIM

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  • Dr. Levens is the Chair of Marketing and Quantitative Methods at Walsh College and author of Marketing: Defined, Explained, Applied, a marketing textbook adopted by over 180 colleges and universities, now in its 2nd edition published by Pearson. Prior to his current position Dr. Levens held an appointment to the Postdoctoral Marketing Faculty at the A. B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University, served as interim Chief Academic Officer and Executive Vice President at Walsh College, Chair of Undergraduate Business Programs at Walsh College, Head of Research and Innovation at OnStar and Brand Manager at SAAB. Dr. Levens has extensive global experience working in 35 countries on five continents and also has award-winning entrepreneurial experience with a business start-up, receiving Global 1st Runner-up recognition in the 1996 International Entrepreneurial Challenge (MOOT CORP®).

    Dr. Levens’ research has been grant funded in the United States and European Union and is focused on affluent consumer behavior and non-traditional bundling strategies. Dr. Levens has conducted more than 100 research projects throughout the world and has presented his research at conferences hosted by the American Marketing Association, Advertising Research Foundation, Association of Marketing Theory and Practice, Atlantic Marketing Association, Automotive Market Research Council, and the Canadian Marketing Association. He provides consulting services to Fortune 1000 companies including US Bank, Chrysler, Hallmark and Polaris and consults pro bono for major not-for-profits.

    Dr. Levens is a Fulbright Scholar, who also serves as a Fulbright Peer Reviewer. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, is active in the American Marketing Association, as well as MENSA. Dr. Levens serves on the Scientific Committee of the Journal of Economics and Culture, has been appointed to four different boards of directors and presently serves as Director of the Detroit Skating Club.

    Last updated: June 2015