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Wednesday, August 15, 2012 - Walsh College Professor to join Heidelberg Project Creator for Legal Discussion in Switzerland
Walsh College Professor Daniel Hoops, J.D., LL.M., brings color into the black and white world of business and law. Professor Hoops will join Heidelberg Project creator Tyree Guyton at his exhibition at the Bollag Project Space in Basel, Switzerland on August 16, 2012. Guyton has been working in Basel as part of a prestigious, one-year residency at the Laurenz House, University of Basel. His presentation will feature new installments as well as his reflection on 25 years of the Heidelberg Project. 

The Heidelberg Project is an outdoor community art environment, created by Detroit artist Tyree Guyton. Existing since 1986, the Project began as an artistic response to neighborhood issues. Since its inception, the Heidelberg Project has been the subject of several legal and political disputes.

"The Heidelberg Project is an internationally recognized work of art and I'm thrilled to be part of it. It is an honor to be asked to join Tyree in Basel, as a representative of Walsh College, Detroit and the State of Michigan,” Professor Hoops said.

Professor Hoops was invited by the Laurenz House to join Guyton’s presentation, discussing several legal issues surrounding the Heidelberg Project, including:
  • The Heidelberg Project vs. City of Detroit: discussion of the different legal challenges.
  • Legal Artscape: discussion of how the Heidelberg Project "touches and concerns" so many different areas of American law.
  • Protecting The Heidelberg Project: the legal techniques and strategies to maintain the Heidelberg Project, such as copyright, tax and corporate law.

Hoops will speak to University of Basel students and friends and partners of the Laurenz House.

“I look forward to bringing this real-world experience into my classroom; understanding and appreciating the arts is important for students entering the world of business,” said Hoops. “It is not always just the numbers and results in the corporate environment; community and culture are important too." 

In addition to being an assistant professor in the Walsh College Taxation and Business Law Department, Hoops is a legal and business consultant to artists, musicians and nonprofit institutions. Through his involvement with the art community in metro Detroit, Professor Hoops became involved with the Heidelberg Project, an internationally recognized street art project, professionally and personally. Hoops previously served on the board of the Heidelberg Project for 11 years and currently serves as general counsel and on the advisory council.