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Mar 24 2012
The People Push Pinterest Ahead

I received an email today from Pinterest summarizing that they've recently changed their terms of service to be more in line with their user community. 

From my viewpoint and across my professional and personal network of friends, it appears that the interest in Pinterest's terms and conditions is growing at nearly the same rate as the site's subscribers. If you're been active on Pinterest and other sites, you've likely heard the rumblings that nearly every piece of content posted could have legal repercussions for those posting the content. This has probably scared away many loyal Pinterest users. And my guess is that the more loyal users have pushed back on Pinterest to clarify their rules of use. 

Once again, the public influences social media.

The new Terms of Service are effective April 6, 2012. You can read them here

Oh, and you can see my very first attempt at a Pinterest-inspired recipe (rainbow cupcakes) here.


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