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Memorizing and Testing

Research shows that most people suffer from test anxiety. The sweaty palms, the nervous stomach, the fear that you’ve forgotten everything you’ve studied and memorized. Yet additional research indicates that when people are given a plan for memorization and test-taking, that anxiety is substantially reduced. Much like a basketball player who uses a set routine before shooting a free throw, you can train your mind to fully concentrate on the task at hand, ignoring all distractions. Use the techniques listed below to improve your memorization and testing skills.

“I think, therefore…” Actually, the rest is up to you. How well you concentrate, how succinctly you think, and how you draw conclusions is based upon how well you utilize the methods in this section. 
    •  Concentrating
    •  Thinking critically
    •  Thinking critically
    •  Thinking creatively
    •  Radical thinking
    •  Thinking aloud/private speech
    •  Mapping explanation
    •  Make your own map I
    •  Make your own map II
    •  Thinking like a genius:
Creative solutions,
Famous thinkers, and
selected thoughts

There are groups who memorize the entire Gettysburg Address. There are people who memorize the entire dictionary. And some who can barely remember their own cellphone number. These tips will help you overcome your memory challenges. Click now, before you forget!
    •  Overview
    •  Acronyms
    •  Acrostics
    •  Rhymes
    •  Loci
    •  Keywords
    •  Image-naming
    •  Chaining

Test Preparation
You’ve listened to lectures. You’ve taken notes. You’ve memorized key facts. Now it’s time for the test. Are you ready? You will be if you follow the recommendations on these pages. 
    •  General test preparation
    •  Mastering one test
    •  Standardized tests
    •  Anticipating test content
    •  Review tools for tests
    •  Overcoming test anxiety
    •  Organizing for test taking
    •  Cramming
    •  Emergency test preparation

Test Taking
Once of the most common anxiety dreams is of showing up for class and not knowing the material that’s on a surprise test. Keep that scenario in the nightmare world and be prepared for anything the instructor might throw your way.
    •  Ten tips for terrific test taking
    •  Taking online tests
    •  True/false tests
    •  Multiple choice tests
    •  Short answer tests
    •  Open book exams
    •  Oral exams
    •  Essay Exams
    •  Essay terms and directives
    •  Math Exams