Walsh College

Tax Faculty

Walsh College’s Tax faculty is a diverse group of tax attorneys and accountants with impressive academic credentials and professional experience. Faculty members offer their students a perspective from the tax departments in Fortune 100 companies, Big Four accounting firms, the Internal Revenue Service, and mid-size and small accounting and law firms.  Their dedication to students and tax practitioners throughout the midwest has kept the Tax program among the most respected in the nation.  They continually review and refine their curriculum to ensure that students are receiving relevant, updated materials that will create marketable skills applicable to most any business environment.  Walsh’s tax curriculum emphasizes tax research and students benefit from using one of the most comprehensive library tax collections in the country; it is a resource envied by many rival programs and used by tax professionals throughout Michigan.



Chair, Accounting and Taxation

  John Athanas  Lucy R. Benham 
      Ronald Charlebois 

Dennis C. Drury
Fred A. Foley
  Eric J. Gould
Steven A. Harms
B.M.A., J.D., LL.M.
  Leon Lewis
Nicholas Lloyd
      Kenneth Sachs
J.D., LL.M 
  Lee A. Sartori
J.D., CPA 
John Sharp
      Eric R. Skinner