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Feb 23 2017
Graduation Information

You've submitted the graduation application by the deadline, you are almost done with your final project and close to taking your final exams. The last day of the semester rolls by and you wait anxiously for final grades to show up on WebAdvisor. Once the semester is done and you've passed your last classes, now what happens? There are three key steps that happen and lead to your ultimate celebration at commencement!

Three Key Steps

Once you complete your final semester, our office goes into work mode!

Step #1 Degree Posting (4-6 weeks)

Once grades are posted, Sandy Manzo, the Records Evaluator, will start the final audit process.  You likely have already received an e-mail confirmation from her, if you submitted your graduation application on time.  (Students who apply after the deadline do not always receive this complimentary message.)

Once final grades are all in, she works as diligently as possible to audit every candidate's record.  To ensure your degree is posted within that timeframe, make sure you have submitted all of your final transcripts and addressed any issues that Sandy found during the preliminary audit.  If there was an issue that came up during the preliminary audit, you should have already been notified.  If she comes across anything during the final audit, you will be contacted.  Having all of your documentation in, will ensure that your degree gets posted in a timely fashion.  Degrees are typically posted about 4-6 weeks AFTER grades are posted.

Tip:  Have you checked your program plan recently?  This is an electronic program on WebAdvisor that shows you what courses still need to be completed, requirements that are missing or classes that may need to be retaken.  This is an extremely helpful tool that should be used starting from the point of admission at Walsh.

P.S. If you are waiting on a promotion, pay raise, or need to show proof of your degree to a company, the Records, Registration, and Veteran Services Office can create a letter for you indicating that you are a "candidate" for graduation.  If you would like a letter completed, please complete the Degree Verification form.

Step # 2 Congratulatory Letter (4-6 weeks)

After degrees are posted, you will be mailed a congratulatory letter from the president.  And, yes, the president really does sign each letter personally!  It’s something you will probably want to keep in a special place, because not all schools do this.  It’s the personalized touch that Walsh is well known for.

Step # 3 Diplomas (6-8 weeks)

About 6-8 weeks after grades are posted, a postcard about diploma arrival will be sent to you.  At that point, you have a few options to receive your diploma.  They are available for pick up at the Troy campus Student Services desk.  Other options include requesting to have it mailed to your house or shipped to another campus. 

The diploma will be presented in a paper envelope and blue padded folder.  (P.S. mailed diplomas are sent with extra care.  We ship them in a large padded envelope stamped “do not bend.”)



We know you are waiting for your shining moment to walk across the stage and celebrate with family!  The College hosts two commencement ceremonies per year.  March and June candidates will be invited to the June ceremony, with invitations being mailed in April.  September and December graduates are invited to the January ceremony, with invitations going out in November.  Be on the lookout in your mailbox for an envelope with a cap in the left corner!

You will have the opportunity to purchase caps and gowns during the Grad Fairs, online, or in the bookstore.


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