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Bachelor of Science in Information Technology


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

The Walsh College Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) provides a unique undergraduate curriculum focused on enhancing your ability to employ information technology for strategic advantage through an integrated study of core technology concepts and skills. 

Students will develop a cohesive view of technology through hands-on skill development in the essential technology foundations of systems design, project management, networks, data, software, and cybersecurity. Students will develop a holistic framework of how to evaluate, integrate, and incorporate the ever-changing technology landscape into today’s competitive business environment.

Courses are taught by proven business leaders who are experienced practitioners in their fields to bring real world application of concepts into your classroom experience.

Program Layout

Earning a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Walsh College requires a minimum of 127 semester credit hours. This includes the transfer of up to 82 semester credit hours and a minimum of 45 semester credits hours (15 courses) taken while in residence at Walsh College.

The BSIT program requires completion of all courses in the professional core and program core. The courses are offered in a hybrid format, combining in-person classroom instruction with online learning. The on-ground courses will be taught in a 2+2 format, with two hours of weekly on-campus instruction and the equivalent of two hours of weekly online instruction.

Additional Admissions Requirements

The BSIT program requires additional admission requirements.  The following courses must be completed within five years prior to application for admission.

  • One course in programming
  • One course in networking fundamentals
  • One course in security
  • One course in databases

*Expected proficiency in current personal productivity tools (word processing/spreadsheets/presentation graphics and personal databases) 

Professional Core

ACC 201    Principles of Accounting I*
COM 210   Principles of Business Communications*
COM 300   Communications Essentials**
COM 320   Business Communication Methods
ECN 201    Principles of Economics I*
MGT 201   Principles of Management*
QM 202     Statistics Methods for Business*
**COM 300 is required of all students who score below 4 on the Walsh College communications placement exam.

 Program Core

IT 402 Systems Analysis & Design
IT 403 Project Management and ITIL Framework
IT 490 Internship
IT 499 Collaborative Business Systems (Capstone)

Focus Area One: Networking
IT 406 Network Design & Implementation
IT 407 Server Virtualization and Performance Engineering

Focus Area Two: Data
IT 408 Database Design and Development (SQL)
IT 409 Data Analytics

Focus Area Three: Software Development
IT 410 Principles of Software Engineering
IT 412 Advanced Programming
IT 413 Web Design (Client and Server)

Focus Area Four: Cyber Security
IT 417 Fundamentals of Cyber Security
IT 419 Securing the Perimeter and End Points
IT 422 Cryptography and Access Control


Students who have a CISSP or SSCP certification will receive equivalent credit for IT 417, IT 419 and IT 422.

Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance

Walsh College is designated as a Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance which identifies Walsh as one of a small set of academic institutions in the country to achieve this status.  Walsh College was one of the first academic institutions in Michigan to earn the prestigious designation as a Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance and has continually retained this status.  In order to achieve this designation, Walsh College is required to ensure that its courses meet the stringent requirements of information security contents established by the National Security Agency, Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security.  Students who graduate from the BSIT program receive a certificate that documents their participation in a program approved as a Center of Academic Excellence.

Opportunities for Employment

According to the Department of Labor, jobs in Information Technology are in high demand and expect to remain so for the foreseeable future.  In fact, job growth in Information Technology is expected to increase at a rate of 53% over the next five years. Information Technology graduates work in a variety of industries as all businesses rely on the use of technology to achieve their business goals and objectives. The opportunities for employment are widespread as graduates choose to work as managers, analysts or technology specialists. The Walsh BSIT delivers the skills necessary for students to move forward in their careers whether it’s a promotion, a new job, or a total career change.

Salary Expectations

The career paths of students graduating with a BSIT degree vary considerably as do starting salaries.  Technology managers earn an average of $100,000. The salary of technology specialists start at an average of $70,000 to $90,000 depending on their specific expertise: Computer Analysts earn an average of $80,000; Network Administrators earn an average of $70,000; Database Administrators earn an average of $75,000; Programmers earn an average of $90,000; Project managers earn an average of $90,000; and Information Security Analysts start at an average of $90,000.