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Walsh College Catalog

The Catalog is an official publication of Walsh College. It outlines the general operations, curricula, graduation requirements, and academic/student services policies currently in effect at Walsh College. The Catalog is not a contract between the individual student and Walsh College or its Board of Trustees. The College reserves the right to make changes to any policies, procedures or programs at any time.

The College may periodically print and distribute copies of the Catalog; however, the online Catalog supersedes any printed versions. Changes in academic policies that impact students will be communicated to students in a timely and appropriate manner. Any academic program change will normally be communicated at least one academic term prior to the effective date of change. In addition to updating the online Catalog, changes may be communicated through the Registration Materials/Schedule of Classes, the online student newsletter, posters and/or by regular or electronic mail.


Table of Contents

Academic Calendar

Certificate Programs

Course Descriptions

Financial Aid and Scholarships

General Information

Graduate Degree Programs

International Students


Policies and Procedures

Welcome Message

Student Life

Student Services

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Walsh College Leadership, Faculty, and Board of Trustees


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