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Schedule Changes 

Note: The College reserves the right to make changes to the Registration Materials/Schedule of Classes. Changes could include, but are not limited to: days, times, instructors, course prerequisites, and course cancellations/additions. The courses list above does not guarantee availability at time of registration. Visit WebAdvisor for current class availability.

Changes as of Tuesday, September 23.

Change Course  Day  Time  Instructor Prerequisite 
Add ACC 419*VT1  TH  6-7:50 p.m.  Dawn  
Add ACC 502*VT52 6-7:50 p.m.  Mallick   
Cancel ACC 502*VT51         
Cancel ACC 508*VT51         
Add ACC 509*VT1 TH  6-7:50 p.m. Shields  
Cancel ACC 578*01         
Add BIT 335*V2  OL    Staff   
Cancel BIT 414/514*01        
Add BIT 414/514*VB1  T 6-9:50 p.m.  Calvaneso  
Cancel BIT 415/515*51      
Add BIT 415/515*W51  6-9:50 p.m. Calvaneso  
Add BIT 561*V2  OL    Staff  
Cancel BL 556*01         
Add BL 556*V2  OL    Benham   
Add COM 320*V2  OL    Peplinski  
Add COM 320*W02 6-9:50 p.m. Staff   
Instructor COM 320*VTSC4  T 6-7:50 p.m.  Falk   
Cancel COM 491*VB1         
Cancel ECN 503*VB1         
Cancel ECN 503*VB51        
Add FIN 310*V2  OL   Curry  
Cancel FIN 406*VT1         
Cancel FIN 416*01         
Cancel FIN 419*VT51         
Add ECN/FIN 515*V2  OL    Dieterle   
Add FIN 506*V2  OL    Wolf  
Add FIN 510*VT61  6-7:50 p.m.  Staff   
Section & Time FIN 525*VT1  TH 6-7:50 p.m.  Baker  
Cancel FIN 579*VB51         
Time GPL 001 (all sections)   9 a.m.-2 p.m. Staff  
Cancel IA 564*V93         
Day/Section IT 402*VT1 to VT93 W  6-7:50 p.m. Washburn  
Cancel IT 406*VT1         
Cancel IT 417*VT1         
Add IT 503*VT1 to VT93 T 6-9 p.m.  Washburn   
Cancel MGT 410*VB1        
Add MGT 410*V2  OL    Bober   
Cancel MGT 461*VB51         
Cancel MGT 501*VB1        
Add MGT 555*V3  OL    Krolik   
Add MGT 556*V2  OL    Krolik   
Cancel MGT 556*VB1        
Add MGT 590*V2  OL    Ronis  
Add MGT 670*V2  OL    Saurbier   
Cancel MKT 550*V3        
Cancel MKT 550*VT51        
Cancel QM 503*51         
Cancel TAX 557*01     
Prereq TAX 595  (all sections)     ACC 508 was removed from Graduate