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Schedule Changes 

Note: The College reserves the right to make changes to the Registration Materials/Schedule of Classes. Changes could include, but are not limited to: days, times, instructors, course prerequisites, and course cancellations/additions. The courses list above does not guarantee availability at time of registration. Visit WebAdvisor for current class availability.

Changes as of 4/2/15  
Change Course  Day Time Instructor
Day ACC 303*VT1      Sura 
Day ACC 406*01  T to W     
Cancel ACC 406*51       
Section/Time ACC 502*01 to VT1    6-7:50 p.m.
Cancel ACC 506*01       
Add ACC 411*01  T 12:00-3:50 p.m. Sanderson 
Cancel ACC 412*VT1       
Day ACC 415*01 T    
Instructor ACC 418*01      Asni
Instructor ACC 418*51      Case
Cancel ACC 500*VT1       
Day ACC 515*01 W    
Cancel ACC 518*01       
Instructor ACC 518*51     Gistinger
Add ACC 579*V2      Krausman 
Cancel BIT 335*VB61       
Cancel BIT 430*01       
Cancel BIT 540*V1       
Add BIT 561*V2      Mahon 
Section BIT 471/571*V1 to V93       
Section BIT 472/572*V1 to V93       
Section BIT 574*V1 to V93       
Cancel BL 556*01       
Add COM 320*V2      Bailey
Add COM 340*V2      Falk
Cancel COM 520*V2       
Change ECN 523*VB1 to V2       
Cancel FIN 310*VB51       
Instructor FIN 310*VT61      Greshak
Cancel FIN 403*51       
Cancel FIN 510*VT61       
Cancel FIN 524*V1       
Instructor IA 530      Hachem 
Section IA 520*V1 to V93       
Cancel IA 562*V93       
Cancel IB 535*01       
Cancel IB 564*01       
Cancel IT 402*VT93       
Section/Instructor IT 403*VT93      Mahon
Instructor/Section IT 407*VT1 to 93     Staff 
Section IT 412*VT1 to 93       
Instructor IT 409      Sadrnia 
Cancel IT 417*VT1    
Cancel IT 503*VT1       
Day IT 504*VT1  M    
Instructor IT 506*VT 93 to VT1     Foster 
Instructor IT 565      Ciaramitaro
Cancel MGT 410*VB61       
Add MGT 453*V2      Krolik 
Cancel MGT 455*51       
Section MGT 471*01 to 61       
Add MGT 501*V2      McHann 
Cancel MGT 555*VB1       
Cancel MGT 556*VT1       
Cancel MGT 590*VB1       
Add MGT 590*V2      Ronis 
Day MGT 670*VT1  TH to W     
Add MGT 670*V2      Saurbier/Bordeaux
Section MKT 415*VB1 to V1       
Add MKT 415*V2      Racka 
Cancel MKT 425*01       
Cancel MKT 542*01       
Add MKT 550*V2      Fioravante 
Instructor MKT 550*VT2      Levens 
Instructor MKT 550*VT1      Levens
Add MKT 551*V1      Fioravante
Instructor QM 520*VT52   Katibai 
Cancel QM 520*VT53      
Day TAX 436/536*01 T  6-9:50 p.m. Gould
Day TAX 509*01  M  6-9:50 p.m. Lloyd