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Jun 3 2013
Diversity at Walsh College


The world of business is as diverse as they come. From different subjects, to different industries, to the areas of the world it is in and most obviously the vast array of different people working. This is no exception for a school that teaches business. Walsh College certainly takes pride in our diversity.

I want to take a look at a very specific subgroup within Walsh College that brings diversity within our diversity; I am talking about our international student population.

Between all the different classifications of visas or residency Walsh College has 172 international students enrolled in various programs. Consistent with the average population at Walsh College, their average age is early 30’s. Over 60% of those students are enrolled in graduate program.

While a relatively small percentage of the total student body at Walsh College, the international students play a big role in our culture. Events like the International Day, held on May 30th are used to bring knowledge and exposure about cultures, traditions, food and the people of these countries.

The International Student Organization (ISO) does an amazing job of inclusion. Not only does it represent various countries (including the United States) and ethnicity's, there are students from various age groups, degree levels and programs.

With such a focus on globalization in society and even in the classes being taught on campuses around the United States, Walsh College has been steps ahead of the curve because of its dedication and passion for diversity.


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