Walsh College

Doctoral Faculty

At Walsh College, we pride ourselves on the quality of our faculty. For the Doctor of Management (DM), a group of exceptional faculty has been assembled to endow students with an extensive range of business knowledge. Each scholar practitioner provides the DM program with a skill-set steeped in academic knowledge and business acumen.


Linda Hagan, PhD
Director of the DM Program
Professor, Communications

      David Shields, PhD
Executive Vice President,
Chief Academic Officer
      Louise August, PhD
Associate Professor,
  Glenn Hodges, PhD
Associate Professor, Management

Gyongyi Konyu-Fogel
Professor, Management

      Michael Levens, PhD
Chair, Business
Associate Professor,
  James C. McHann, PhD
Professor, Management
      Lee Meadows, PhD
Professor, Management
      Sheila Ronis, PhD
Director. MBA and MM Programs
Associate Professor,

  Marla Scafe, PhD
Professor, Management
and Qualitative Methods
      Jenny Tatsak, PhD
Associate Professor,
Business Communication
      Linda Wiechowski, PhD
Chair, Finance and
Economics Department
Professor, Finance and


DM Dissertation Defense

DM Candidate Jason Lijewski will defend his dissertation titled “Exploring Implementation of Organizational Change toward Environmental Sustainability” on Tuesday, January 15, at 10 a.m. The public defense will be held in Room 199 of the Troy Campus.