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Walsh College is proud to recognize the academic achievement of undergraduate students.  Individuals who attained a cumulative GPA of 3.500 or better and have completed 12 semester credit hours at Walsh are eligible for honors.

*Note:  Information accurate as of April 2, 2014.

Winter 2014 Honors

Presidential Honors




Rosanne Acovski, BBA.MGT
Jacqueline Ahee, BAC
Paul Allen, BS.BIS
Emily Ambrozy, BBA.MKT
Aaron Anderson, BBA.FIN
Derek Baker, BBA.FIN
Adelaida Barbat, BAC
Maria Blugerman, BBA.MKT
Sandra Burney, BAC
Doug Cappo, BBA.FIN
Rebecca Clair-Darden, BBA.BIT
Aileen Cox, BBA.MGT
Dorina Dervishaj, BBA.BIT
Joshua Diodato, BBA.FIN
Rhonda Eschmann, BBA.MGT
Guzel Ghulam-Rasul, BS.BIS
Karl Halkey, BBA.FIN
Kyle Hanson, BBA.MKT
Kelly Harper, BAC
Tjwana Hvizdos, BAC
Michelle Jakrzewski, BBA.FIN
Travis Johnson, BBA.FIN
Paul Jozefiak, BBA.MGT
Eva Kanno, BAC
Huma Kashif, BBA.GB
Derrik Kingsley, BBA.ACP
Ronny Kondrat, BAC
James Koselansky, BS.BIS
Jade Krol, BBA.MKT
David Lafever, BBA.GB
Thomas Lancaster, BBA.GB
Mark Light, BBA.GB
Christine Liptak, BBA.GB
John McGillis, BAC
Brandon Messner, BBA.MGT
Kaitlyn Mitchell, BAC
Becky Nation, BS.BIS
Jessica Nelson, BBA.GB
Renee Nowak, BBA.GB
Chad Nykamp, BBA.MGT
Christian Orzel-Rostine, BAC
Elizabeth Ostrowski, BBA.BIT
Michael Padula, BAC
Megan Panich, BBA.BIT
Julie Pasqual, BBA.MKT
Ryan Perkins, BAC
Kristina Pruitt, BBA.FIN
Andrew Rea, BAC
Joseph Russo, BBA.MGT
Tina Sherbutt, BBA.ACP
Melissa Skender, BBA.MGT
Kelly Steward, BAC
Linda Swita, BS.BIS
Katie Szpanelewski, BAC
Jenna Theisen, BBA.GB
Arian Thermija, BBA.FIN
Cassandra Tluczek-Jessee, BBA.MGT
Tifanie Tremble, BBA.FIN
Derek Trombley, BBA.MKT
Brent Tucker, BAC
Kerry Turner, BBA.MGT
Michael Vicari, BAC
Nichole Wagner, BBA.MGT
Jason Weichel, BAC
Barbara Zygolewski, BAC

Michelle Adamus, BBA.GB
Jason Ayers, BBA.GB
Jason Barra, BAC
Andrew Barrel, BAC
Jurgen Basho, BBA.FIN
Steven Belanger, BAC
Hasan Berjaoui, BBA.MGT
Brian Blugerman, BBA.GB
Christopher Boudreau, BAC
Emily Boyd, BBA.FIN
Shelly Brown, BBA.ACP
Deron Burgess, BBA.MGT
Kenneth Burgess, BBA.MGT
Matthew Capone, BBA.FIN
Crina Capus, BAC
Melissa Chevalier, BBA.MKT
Brian Cicilian, BBA.MGT
Katherine Cokonougher, BBA.GB
Gregory Collins, BBA.FIN
Joshua Colorito, BBA.MGT
Adam Costew, BBA.FIN
Jeremy Davis, BBA.MGT
Christopher Delaney, BBA.BIT
Karen Deschaine, BBA.MKT
Zarko Dimitrijevski, BBA.FIN
John Djelaj, BBA.FIN
Kevin Dougherty, BBA.MGT
Christopher Ewert, BBA.MGT
Kate Feick, BBA.ACP
Kyle Fobare, BBA.FIN
Spencer Ford, BAC
Nicholas Gabriel, BBA.BIT
Sarah Gardner, BAC
Tarin Gibson, BBA.MGT
Britney Glowe, BBA.MKT
Michael Gossman, BBA.ACP
Ada Green-Leyva, BBA.FIN
Melissa Griffor, BAC
Jessica Haggard, BBA.GB
Kassandra Harrington, BBA.MGT
Douglas Hawkins, BBA.FIN
Mark Hendzell, BBA.MKT
Breanna Hubbard, BBA.MGT
Aaron Jagoda, BBA.MGT
Shannon Johns, BBA.MGT
Randy Kaufman, BBA.MKT
Andrew Klingler, BBA.FIN
Paige Lambertus, BBA.MKT
Thomas Lamb, BBA.ACP
Melanie Lapointe, BBA.FIN
Rebecca Lichtenberg, BBA.FIN
Andrea Long, BAC
Razmig Markosian, BBA.FIN
Amy Maroki, BBA.MKT
Ophir Massey, BBA.ACP
Lorie May, BBA.ACP
Crystal Meakem, BBA.MKT
James Mertz, BBA.MGT
Michael Mulville, BBA.MGT
Ronas Munakarmi, BAC
Andrew Need, BBA.MGT
Christine Newberry, BBA.GB
Megan O'Neal, BAC
John Perander, BS.BIS
Laura Petty, BAC
David Prasiloski, BAC
Erica Reed, BBA.MGT
Paige Reed, BAC
Kathryn Rowley, BBA.MGT
Timothy Rucha, BS.BIS
Erica Sachs, BBA.ACP
Christina Salmo, BAC
Eric Schulte, BAC
Lisa Scott, BAC
Kari Sewick, BBA.GB
Muhammad Shahid, BAC
Bruce Simon, BBA.GB
Joseph Sinishtaj, BBA.MGT
Jessica Siwa, BAC
Joseph Southard, BBA.FIN
Georgina Stanaj, BS.BIS
Michael Szeliga, BAC
Samantha Vanhollenbeck, BBA.MGT
Darja Vidackovic, BBA.FIN
Tanya Vygnanski, BBA.FIN
Joshua Walerych, BBA.MGT
Crystal Whyte, BAC
Linda Willemsen, BBA.MKT
Vincent Williams, BBA.FIN
Lynn Wilson, BAC
Charles Witt, BAC

Walsh College is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (www.ncahlc.org; phone: 312-263-0456). Specific degree programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP, www.acbsp.org) and the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE, www.iacbe.org).

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