Walsh College

How do I get started?

The LaunchPad at Walsh College activites, including sign-up and meeting scheduling, are handled through our secure online portal, walsh.thelaunchpad.org.

To get started, there are two simple steps: (1) creating a user profile; and (2) submitting a Venture Assessment Form (which is a brief overview of your business idea). Then, the Walsh College LaunchPad one-on-one consultations begin!

Step 1: Creating a User Profile

After the Walsh College LaunchPad team verifies your eligiblity to participate (within about 24 hours), you will receive a temporary password with instructions on how to proceed.
Have your business idea solidified? When you are ready to submit your business idea (venture) proceed with Step 2 below. Your business idea does not have to be fully developed at this point.

Step 2: Submitting a Venture Assessment Form

  • Login with your username and password
  • Click on 'New Venture' 
  • Enter your venture information*
  • Click the save button
Following the submission of the Venture Assessment Form, a box will appear in the center of the screen asking you to Request a Venture Meeting. Once you answer those prompts, you will receive a consulting meeting notification from the Walsh College LaunchPad team within a few business days via e-mail or phone. We look forward to meeting with you! *Having difficulty filling out the Venture Assessment Form? If questions cannot be answered for whatever reason at the time of submission, just state not applicable (N/A) or to be determined (TBD).

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to obtain Walsh College LaunchPad services?
Walsh College LaunchPad's free mentoring service is only available to current students, faculty/staff or degreed alumni of Walsh College. One of the benefits of going to and graduating from Walsh College!

What services do you offer?
Walsh College LaunchPad offers one-on-one consulting to help students and alumni develop and grow their ideas into a business. We can also help with business plan evaluation, developing a team, strategy, and basic business guidance. This may be done with members from the LaunchPad team as well as with special mentors from the business community who volunteer their time to share their experiences and insights. Appointments are necessary. We will never share your business information with anyone until we have your permission to do so. Confidentiality agreements are signed by all participants and the LaunchPad team.

Can Walsh College LaunchPad help me write a business plan?
Walsh College LaunchPad can help guide you in your business plan development and will offer feedback but we will not be writing your plan for you.

Are there any fees related to using Walsh College LaunchPad services or going to the events?
There are no fees for our internal consulting and most events are free and/or at reduced costs to Walsh College LaunchPad members. As with any business, you will need certain startup or ongoing service providers. We will attempt to help locate these services if desired.

Can Walsh College LaunchPad help me find grants or funding?
Walsh College LaunchPad does not offer funding directly, and we cannot guarantee that you will receive funding, but we do point you to investor events and inform you about your alternatives. We can also review and offer feedback on your proposals. Funding is typically conditional on many factors outside of the scope of control of the LaunchPad.

What times are you available for appointments?
You tell us what times you prefer when you fill out your venture form and we will try to accommodate. Early evening and Saturday appointments are also available.

Are my ideas kept confidential?
Absolutely! LaunchPad is a “secure” environment.

Are there deadlines or timetables?
No, we jointly move at your pace and work around your schedule.

What if I just have an idea for a product or service or am considering entrepreneurship in the future?
We encourage you to join at any stage and you do not need to have all the business details flushed out before you meet us or participate in our entrepreneurial workshops and networking events.