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Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration 

The Walsh College Master of Business Administration degree program will enhance a student's ability to incorporate opportunistic decision-making and systematic approaches in solving complex problems. Students will develop a framework of how to think and make decisions in today's fast-paced, business environment. Courses in the Walsh MBA are taught by proven business leaders who are experienced practitioners in their fields - this bridges the gap between real-world practices and classroom experience.

The MBA prepares graduates for positions in mid- to upper-level management by providing a broad, general education in major areas of business study. The MBA program encompasses the study of accounting, finance, management, information technology, economics, strategy, and related disciplines. It also emphasizes business communication skills now demanded by employers, helping graduates explain concepts and share knowledge more concisely.

The MBA degree program consists of 14 courses for 42 credits. The MBA degree requires a minimum of 30 semester credit hours in residence at Walsh College. The MBA degree is available fully online or in a hybrid format. The hybrid format combines in-person classroom instruction with online learning.  Most on-ground courses will be taught in a 2+2 format.

Master of Business Administration

14 courses, 42 credits


Core Courses

ACC 505

Managerial Accounting

ACC 508
Introduction to Accounting
COM 510 Leadership Communication

ECN 523

Global Economics

FIN 510

Financial Management

FIN 515

Financial Markets and Institutions

IT 520

Information Technology

MGT 501


MGT 565

Operations Management

MGT 670

Designing & Leading Competitive Organizations

MKT 550

Marketing Fundamentals

MKT 555

Marketing Application and Metrics

QM 520

Business Analytics

MGT 680 Strategic Management: Audit of an Organization


A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.000 must be earned while in residence. All core courses must be completed with a “C” (2.000) or higher.




Graduate Communication Assessment

The graduate communication assessment must be taken prior to your first COM 510 Communication and Success Strategies class session. There is no fee associated with this assessment. 

The graduate communication assessment is a tool designed to measure written communication skills. Students will select from two topic essays, appropriate for graduate students, which will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Grammar and mechanics
  • Style
  • Organization and development

The graduate communication assessment may be taken at the Troy Campus Testing Center, the Novi Campus Library, or an approved external testing site.  An appointment is required. 

Appointments may be scheduled at the Troy Campus Testing Center using this link: https://www-secure.walshcollege.edu/Test_Scheduling/.  For the Novi Campus, please contact the Administrative Office at 248-349-5454 to schedule an appointment to take the assessment at the Novi Library. Proctors and locations external to Walsh College must be pre-approved by the Walsh College Testing Center. Click here for additional information and guidelines for securing an out-of-area proctor.

Please refer to your admission packet for more information regarding the graduate communication assessment.

No GMAT Required

We evaluate your application in a careful review of what you have accomplished since graduating from college, together with your academic record in your other degree programs. Those are much better indicators of your success as an MBA student than a formal test score.

View graduate admission requirements or contact the Admissions & Advising office to schedule an appointment:



MBA Dual Degree Options

Students looking to combine the breadth and prestige of the MBA with the specialization of a Master of Science degree can choose from one of four dual-degree options. Students will earn two distinct degrees by completing an additional four to six courses.


Total courses/credits required


14 courses, 42 credits

Dual MBA/MS in Finance

19 courses, 57 credits

Dual MBA/MS in Management

18 courses, 54 credits

Dual MBA/MS in Marketing

20 courses, 60 credits

Dual MBA/MS in Information Technology Leadership

20 courses, 60 credits

For additional course descriptions and other detailed program information, please refer to the Walsh College Catalog.

Opportunities for Employment

MBA graduates work in a variety of industries from banking to information technology to human resources. The opportunities for employment vary significantly. The Walsh MBA delivers the skills necessary for students to move toward a promotion, a new job, or a total career change.

Salary Expectations

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), starting salaries for graduates with a master’s degree in business administration/management range from $54,800 to $80,700. Experience and promotion in this field can lead to a much higher earnings potential. The career paths of students graduating with a degree in this area vary considerably as do starting salaries, depending on the industry and the size of the corporation. Management executives can earn from $78,000 to $156,000. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for financial managers with an MBA in May 2013 is $112,700.

Walsh College MBA Alums

Jesse Ford, MBA '10

Managing Director

The Work

"Walsh College helped me learn early on how to multitask and manage my schedule. I was able to work full-time through both my undergraduate and graduate programs at Walsh College, which allowed me to earn my education and get the required experience in the field simultaneously. Most of my professors at Walsh College were also managing full-time professional positions as well as teaching in the evenings. This was a great influence early on and a demonstration of hard work."


Thomas B. Lanni, Jr., MBA '05

Vice President of Oncology, Internal Medicine and Imaging

Beaumont Hospital

"As for my advice to new alum or students, I would just tell them to continue to network with current classmates, former classmates and friends. Having a larger network of resources allows you the opportunity to learn, share, and potentially find an opportunity that you are interested in pursuing at some point in your career."


Tonya McNeal-Weary, MBA '09

Founder & Executive Director

Michigan Association for Female Entrepreneurs

Managing Director, Principal Consultant

IBS Global Consulting

"When I began my MBA at Walsh, I was a finance major. In 2007, Walsh announced they were preparing a trip to China; it was with the international business program. I thought ‘Wow, that sounds interesting.’ I’ve never been overseas; the only thing I knew about internationally was Canada. I asked if I was able to go even though I was a finance student. An advisor told me, ‘Sure, it was open for all students and would count as an elective.’ I went to China. When I came back I changed my major to international business, and that’s how it all started. That’s when I really discovered what area of consultancy I wanted to get into: International business."


Carla Sarti, MBA '02

Director of Global Shared Services & Business Process Optimization

Lear Corporation

"The advice I give for a new alumnus or current student is to make sure you have patience with your career. It is very important to build a good foundation of the basics..."


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