Walsh College

Mission, Vision, and Values


Walsh College delivers a business education that integrates application and theory to prepare graduates for successful careers. 

In support of its mission, Walsh College will:

  • ensure relevant programs through close ties to the business community, employing faculty who bring their professional work experience, credentials, and scholarship into the classroom
  • offer courses and services at convenient locations in southeastern Michigan and globally via online
  • provide personalized and knowledgeable service to students
  • promote individual professional development and organizational growth through non-credit programs

Walsh College offers a broad range of high-quality programs in fields such as accounting, finance, information technology and assurance, management and leadership, marketing, and taxation

Established in 1922, Walsh College is a private, independent, non-profit, and upper-division institution that grants degrees at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels


Walsh College aspires to be the preferred educational institution for students, employers, and the communities it serves

Walsh College will create additional value for its stakeholders by:

  • anticipating and responding to market needs to prepare leaders for a globally competitive environment
  • establishing a leading-edge educational delivery system
  • contributing to Michigan’s revitalized economy
  • expanding its presence and name recognition beyond its region




Integrity and ethical business practices guide Walsh College’s choices and behavior, regardless of the circumstances. 


Walsh College strives for excellence and continuous improvement in teaching, student service, and administrative support. 


Walsh College recognizes and embraces our diverse society and treats others as it wishes to be treated.


Walsh College believes in giving its students an opportunity to succeed.

Fiscal Responsibility

Walsh College practices strong fiscal management and sustains an agile and efficient structure, resulting in quality programs and services at a significant value.


Walsh College values its partnerships and believes that collaboration can fuel innovation.


Walsh College encourages employees and students to give back to the College and to the community.