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Open Source Community


Walsh College is pleased to announce the formation of an Open Source Community that will focus its efforts on Internet technology. The purpose of this community is to share and educate people within the group on all facets of web development tools and techniques, as well as initiate and publish open source web-based software projects.

The group is open to all Walsh Students and Alumni and is provided free of charge. This is a great opportunity to learn about developing web sites, configuring Linux servers, discussing design patterns, plus numerous other topics related to Internet technology. If you’re already an expert in one of these fields, it’s also a great platform to share your knowledge to help others learn.

To help facilitate the learning process, the Open Source Community will also undertake the development of software projects and websites. This provides numerous opportunities for people to get involved, even if you currently have no web-based technical abilities. There is a need for Project Managers, Technical Writers, Software Testers, Graphic Artists, and of course, Programmers.

To join the Open Source Group forum for meeting dates, announcements and discussions, please register at: http://walshcollegeopensource.com/ or http://www.meetup.com/Walsh-College-Open-Source-Community/

Our next meeting is May 10th, Room 119, Troy campus, 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

This open to the public. 

2014 Meeting Dates:

June 14th - Twitter and Bootstrap.  Guest Speaker - Eric Hill
Topic: Eric Hill is going to lead our session in June, so that means we’re going to start off with one of our famous Pop Quizzes. If you’ve attended the sessions in the past, you know the drill: I’ll ask general knowledge questions about open source companies or people and you SHOUT OUT THE ANSWER just as fast as you can. A correct answer wins you a deck of Limited Edition Star Trek Trading Cards.

Second, there are a TON of blogs, tutorial sites and videos out there that can teach you about web design and development. If you’re really serious about web development…like career or side-job serious…then this is the session for you! Many of these courses are free, some charge a monthly subscription rate and others charge you up to $15,000 but promise a career. From Google Developers University Consortium to Team Treehouse to Harvard Extension School; what are your best options, how much money should you spend and how fast can you get up to speed?

No meetings July and August.  Have a great summer and see you in the fall!

September 13th -

October 11th -

November 8th -

December 13th -

Questions? Contact Nan Poulios at 248-823-1369.