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Michigan Business Success Stories

Gather to learn from the best in our community. Local and regional corporate leaders share the veteran insights and hard-earned lessons that brought them to where they are today. 

We are pleased to feature the best in Michigan business at our conferences and events.

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Recent Success Stories



Kar's Nuts

Nick Nicolay, President

   Honey Baked Ham

 Lou Schmidt, Jr.


 White Castle

 Jamie Richardson,
Vice President of Government
and Shareholder Relations


 Gymco, Inc

 Doreen Bolhuis, President

 Just Baked

 Pam Turkin,
Chief Cupcake Officer 

   Two Men and a Truck

 Melanie Bergeron, CEO



Jennifer Piscopink,
Vice President, HR  


 Hiller’s Markets

Jim Hiller, President 


Biggby Coffee  

Bob Fish, CEO 


Big Boy Restaurants

  Bob Liggett, Owner



Robert Wolfe, President


Morley Candy

Jim Petz, Vice President;
Ron Rapson, President

  •  Zingerman’s                Ari Weinzweig, Co-Founder
       Domino’s Pizza  David Brandon, President
       Quicken Loans  Bill Emerson, President
       Jiffy Baking Mix  Howdy Holmes




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