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Gold & Silver Reunion Luncheon

Gold & Silver Reunion 

Reunions are a special opportunity for alumni to get together and reminisce with classmates and old friends. While all alumni are invited back for every reunion the main focus will be on the special reunion classes; Golden Anniversary for the Class of 1963 & prior; Silver Anniversary for the Class of 1988. These classes will hold a class reunion luncheon with Walsh College President Stephanie Bergeron and Chief Academic Officer David Shields. It is a time for classes to anticipate the sharing of memories, anecdotes and nostalgia that made their class special. This wonderful luncheon, revisiting old friends, and recognition will provide a great way to regain the spirit of your experience here at Walsh College and reaffirm your lifetime commitment to your profession and your school.

Gold & Silver Anniversary Reunion Luncheon

Questions? Contact Duc Abrahamson at (248) 823-1298.


Thank you to all alumni who came out to help celebrate the Class of 1963 and Class of 1988 and share their memories with us.