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This on-ground certificate program is effective for tax professionals seeking to stay relevant in their field, to expand their skills, or to enhance their previous degree. The tax certificate will help a student meet the requirements of Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam and liscensure preparation, or meet requirements for continuing professional education for CPAs. Pre-Master’s Certificate students must have a bachelor’s degree and have completed either ACC 201 or one semester of financial accounting. Post-Master’s Certificate students may enter the certificate program after obtaining a Master of Science in Taxation degree, an LL.M. in Taxation program, or any similar advanced degree in taxation.

Pre-Master’s Certificate

Admissions Requirements

Students must have completed ACC 201 or one semester of financial accounting.

Foundation Course (if required; necessity based on previous coursework)

  • TAX 593 Tax and Business Taxation I

Certificate Courses

  • TAX 501 and two 500-level tax courses

Gainful Employment Disclosure Statement

Post-Master’s Certificate

  • Any three 500-level tax courses not completed in the previous five year period.

Please see course descriptions for the full list of 500-level tax courses; prerequisites apply.   

Gainful Employment Disclosure Statement