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Tax Symposium

Third Annual Mark R. Solomon Tax Symposium event at Walsh College in Metro Detroit, Michigan

Thank you for attending!  Thanks to you, the event was a great success!
An e-journal of the proceedings will be available on this page soon.

Interested in presenting a paper next year? Email Professor Daniel Hoops (dhoops@walshcollege.edu) or APPLY NOW.


Presenters and Topics:

  • Daniel Hoops, J.D., LL.M
    Associate Professor of Accounting and Taxation, Walsh College
    "Tax Consequences of Crowdfunding"
      Crowd funding is the new wave in business investing.  Money, however, is never free.  What happens when tax time comes around?  How do we decide if funds are considered charitable gifts, income, or something else?  Without understanding the nuances involved, a crowd funder could face some very unfortunate surprises.  Proper guidance can save an entrepreneur from learning lessons the hard way.
  • Jason Pivoz, MST, CPA, CGMA
    Member Mellen, Smith, & Pivoz PLC
    "Advising Immigrant Business Owners"
      People come to this country looking for a better way of life.  They find homes, look for work, and even start businesses.  As our economy becomes more global, the taxing regime becomes increasingly more complex.  Failure to properly comply with the filing requirements can be financially crippling.  We can help position them to safely be in compliance.
  • Ahmed Khalil, J.D., CPA
    Tax Counsel at Magna International
    "Planning for Troubled Entities"
      In this economic climate, it is hard to be certain of some of the most important decisions.  Every acquisition is a potential liability.  Are you taking on someone else’s problems?  Will you suffer for it?  The choice to deduct or capitalize can make a huge difference.  This complex issue can be approached with the right framework, which can resolve challenges for years to come.
  • Daniel Meloche, CPA
    Tax Services at Plante & Moran, PLLC
    "Business Participation after the Death of the Owner"
      Death can be unpredictable.  It’s such a challenging time, especially for those who have to sort through the legal details.  Can losses be deducted from an inherited entity?  As CPAs, we strive to provide business owners sound strategies to plan their businesses and investments.  Without our help, trustees or executors could be forced to pay more tax.
  • Susan Wagner, MST
    Tax Consultant at UHY
    "The Internet and State Tax"
      In this Information Age, more transactions are being conducted online.  Sellers need to understand the legal issues involved.  At both the state and federal level, internet taxation has been in hot debate.  How important is having a physical presence?  What is the customer’s responsibility?  Both sides need to know where the law currently stands so they aren’t blindsided by changing legislation.

Thank you for taking this opportunity to stay abreast of the changing industry, participate in intellectual discussions in the profession, and glean from practical and academic expertise.
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About Mark Solomon:

Mark R. Solomon, tax symposium event honoree

The symposium is named in honor of the late professor of Taxation and Business Law and director of the Mark Solomon Tax Research Center at Walsh.

Professor Solomon was the driving influence behind Walsh’s tax curriculum which emphasizes tax research.  The Walsh College Library houses one of the most comprehensive tax collections in the country and is used as a resource by tax researchers throughout Michigan.



Mark R. Solomon Tax Journal from Walsh College in Metro Detroit, Michigan

To read the papers presented last year at the Second Annual Mark R. Solomon Tax Symposium, the eJournal can be found HERE.

Interested in presenting a paper next year? Email Professor Daniel Hoops (dhoops@walshcollege.edu) or APPLY NOW.





Previous Symposium:


Members of the Walsh College Accounting & Taxation Society (ATSO) at the 2013 Tax Symposium event in Metro Detroit, Michigan  Walsh College professors Jennifer Sanderson & Dan Hoops following the 2013 Tax Symposium event in Metro Detroit, Michigan 
Members of the Walsh College Accounting & Taxation Society (ATSO) at the 2013 Tax Symposium From L-R: Joni Larson, Jennifer Sanderson, Jill Babcock, Catherine McCollum, Mark Burger & Daniel Hoops

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