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Building Hours:  June 27-28
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The Troy Campus building renovation is a $15 million project that will enhance the College’s original campus building on Livernois Road, improving the student learning experience and strengthening chances for business-student success in the global marketplace.

The project includes a two-story, 27,000 square-foot addition to Walsh’s original campus building, built in the 1970s, and a 28,000 square-foot renovation to existing interior spaces. The addition will encompass distinct pavilions with a business-communication focused Student Success Center, a student lounge, and a welcome center.

Construction started in fall 2014 and is expected to take 18 months to complete.  Architecture and design will be completed by Valerio Dewalt Train Associates (VDTA).  Donor-naming opportunities for the project are available.  View the camera for current video of the construction activity. 

Building Hours:  June 27-28

Due to ongoing construction work related to the addition and renovations, the Troy campus will be closed on Saturday and Sunday, June 27-28.  On June 27 only, however, Novi will be open for your convenience.  Typically the Novi campus is closed on Saturdays during the summer semester.
If you need to purchase books for the summer semester, the bookstore recommends that you order online at:  http://walshcollege.bncollege.com

Visit the building hours web page for current campus hours.

Progress Update as of June 2015

It literally seems like yesterday when my colleagues and I were preparing our desks and offices for "The Move."  Some found very interesting, historical objects in the offices.  Others found hidden treasures...a name-brand handbag that went to a very happy, new owner!  It all kicked off in July 2014 and the College officially broke ground for the addition and renovations in September 2014.  Since then, some of the existing campus has already been remodeled.

Maybe you are a new mother and had a chance to use the private Mother's Room.  Or, you might've had a class in rooms 114-115 and seen the cheery yellow wall.  You could have also recently taken an exam in our concentration-friendly environment at the Testing Center.  Continue reading



Campus Access as of June 2015

Portions of the Troy campus are closed during the renovation and accessing certain areas has changed.

  • The temporary entrance for Student Services is in the hallway near the Bookstore, which is just past the Blackstone LaunchPad offices.
  • The temporary access to the faculty offices and computer labs is the door just past Student Services. 
    Note:  Due to very extensive work that needs to be done to the structure, the computer classroom hallway will be closed and labs relocated while it is being remodeled.  It will re-open the beginning of the summer semester.
  • Skylight lounge and nearby hallway is CLOSED.
  • Restrooms near classrooms 114/115 are CLOSED.
  • Livernois (west) entrance door is CLOSED.
  • Both hallways on either side of classrooms 114 and 115 will remain OPEN.
  • Tentatively as of June 19, the Frankel Lobby/restrooms and classrooms 111-113 will be CLOSED.
    Note:  Business Office will be relocated to the Faculty Office service counter.  A greeter will be in the Barry Center Lobby.  (If you need to speak with the receptionist, please visit the Faculty Office.)  Evening administrator will be relocated yet to be determined.  Troy campus restrooms will still be available on the first and second floor of the Barry Center.

    A temporary construction hallway will be built from the Barry Center connector extending to the Finance lab.  This will be used to ensure your safety for entry to the Finance lab, rooms 101-110, bookstore, student services, and remainder of the accessible west side of the campus.

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Department Relocation as of June 2015

Due to the renovation, Troy campus student services and other departments have been temporariliy relocated.  Phone numbers and mailing addresses for all personnel remain the same.  Relocated departments include:

Department New Location 
Admissions & Advising  Former space of Division of Online Learning 
Business Office Receptionist desk 
As of June 19, will be relocating to Facutly Office service counter.
Career Services Former space of Division of Online Learning 
Development* Offsite location 
Division of Online Learning* Offsite location 
Evening Administrator Desk As of June 19, will be relocating to the cafeteria/dining room. 
Financial Aid Former space of Division of Online Learning 
Human Resources* Offsite location 
IT Helpdesk Library 
Marketing* Offsite location 
President's Office* Offsite location 
Receptionist Desk

As of June 19, a Greeter will be in the Barry Center Lobby.
If you need to speak with the receptionist, visit the Faculty Office.

Records & Registration Former space of Division of Online Learning 

*Note:  If you need to meet a staff member from one of these departments, please call to set up an appointment at the Troy campus.


Construction Progress Video


Past Building Renovations

Last Updated:  June 9, 2015