Walsh College

Veteran Shopping Sheet

The Veteran Shopping sheet is a standardized form designed to simplify the information student veterans receive regarding the costs of school and the resources available to help pay. It also contains important information about the school so veterans can make informed decisions before deciding to attend. This includes net costs, grant and scholarship amounts, graduation rates, loan default rates, median borrowing, and estimated loan payments after graduation.

There are four categories of Shopping Sheets to choose from, dependent on intended course load and academic level:

These generic shopping sheets represent the average cost to students of the corresponding degree program. As you complete the application process, you will receive a more detailed Shopping Sheet personalized based on your amounts of eligible aid/scholarships. This detailed sheet will be received once you indicate you are a veteran or dependent, are admitted into the college, and have submitted your FAFSA. This information is required to give you a detailed snapshot of your college costs. Furthermore, the addition of GI Bill benefits, Military Tuition Assistance, Military Grants, or other scholarships to your Shopping Sheet can only happen once the required paperwork for those funds has been completed and submitted.