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WCAA Board Elections

WCAA logoThe Walsh College Alumni Association (WCAA) is a non-dues paying organization, and all alumni are automatically enrolled. As a member of the WCAA you are given the opportunity to elect directors to the Association's board who will represent you.

Dear Walsh College Alumni,

I am delighted to announce the results of the election for the 2015-2016 Walsh College Alumni Association (WCAA)  Board of Directors. The WCAA Board of Directors serves as the body that formulates and facilitates events and activities to engage alumni with Walsh College.  It also functions in a fundraising capacity to support scholarship funds to students.

The WCAA Board of Directors is dedicated to serving the best interests of Walsh College and its alumni.  I am proud to introduce our newest members and officers.  With their differing levels of experience and the exceptional mix of leadership skills, I am confident their efforts in the coming year will prove to be rewarding to both alumni and Walsh College.

As current president of the WCAA, I am proud to announce the names of the WCAA Board who will be serving for you in the 2015-2016 term starting October 1st.


2015-16 Executive Team

Bryan K. Kieler, MSSL '11 - President
Alexander G. Schwallbach, BBA '04, MSM '07 - Vice President
Crystal D. Arcicovich, BBA '09 - Secretary
Josh T. Pletcher, BAC '08 - Treasurer

2015-16  Board Members

Leah G. Couture, BAC '08
Wallace A Rutkowski, MBA '04, MAC '10
Scott A Calka, BBA '99
Christine McCoy, MAC '12

Best wishes to the new Board members and officers!.


Bryan K. Kieler, MSSL '11 - President
Walsh College Alumni Association