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Mar 20 2013
Walsh's 90 Random Acts of Kindness

Have you noticed something happening around campus recently? Have you received an anonymous, coffee mug with hot chocolate, or compliment?

The Plan
Last month Scott came to me with the suggestion of completing 90 random acts of kindness to further celebrate Walsh’s 90th anniversary. I indicated that was a great idea. He set up a meeting to brainstorm ideas and figure out an execution plan.

The Team
It was decided to find ten people to each complete nine kindness acts within two weeks. The team included staff members from various departments:

  • Duc Abrahamson, Student & Alumni Relations
  • Bonnie Blakowski, Marketing
  • Kara Fields, Records & Registration Office
  • Jessica Knapik, Records & Registration Office
  • Maja Lajcaj, Business Office
  • Lauren Mileto, Business Office/Records & Registration Office
  • Jason Sweet, Admissions & Advising Office
  • Stephanie Touchette, Faculty Office
  • Scott Wyckoff, Admissions & Advising Office
  • Rose Zook, President’s Office

Our goal was to target people within the College including: staff, faculty, students, and alums. However, recipients were not to be on the planning team. Plus, if there was cost associated, it was to be very minimal. Special thank you to my co-workers for helping implement this mission!

Implementation & Mission WK
The two-week project was labeled: Mission WK (Walsh Kindness). We all came up with our own ideas and ways of completing the individual kindness acts.  Some were do anonymously, in person or online.

Kindness Act #15:  Left chocolate dipped cookies on Library and Facilities desks (when they weren't there).

Kindness Act #17:  Posted thank you note to alumni on Walsh Alumni Facebook page. 

Kindness Act #36:  Gave 10 mugs with hot chocolate to students studying for finals. 

Kindness Act #36

It was great to see people’s reactions. Here are a few situations I ran into:

  • I walked around campus with Duc and gave a few students a Walsh coffee mug. We got smiles and a few quizzical looks.
  • A co-worker stopped by my desk and said, “I got this note on my computer monitor. Do you know who did this? I think it was _____.”
  • Someone told me, “I got a sticker on my computer monitor. Who was this from?”  Little did that person know; the sticker was from me!

The 90 Kindness Acts
Over the last two weeks I've enjoyed figuring out who I was going to target and planning my individual kindness acts.  For me, the best ones were doing something completely anonymously.  It keeps people guessing! 

  1. Left M&M’s at an Online Learning staff members’ desk.
  2. Put a dozen donuts in the faculty kitchen.
  3. Complimented a library staff member.
  4. Posted a good luck message to students on Student Network Facebook page.
  5. Wrote an appreciation note to an Admissions staff member.
  6. Wrote thank you note and mailed Walsh giveaways to a Blackwell volunteer.
  7. Left change on a Business Office staff member’s desk.
  8. Complimented an Admissions staff member on their outfit.
  9. E-mailed Dilbert comic to an IT staff member.
  10. Sent thank you e-mail to Admissions staff member at Novi.
  11. Sent thank you e-mail to Admissions staff member at UC.
  12. Put stickers on Records staff computer monitors.
  13. Put a nickel in the “take a penny, leave a penny” container in the cafeteria.
  14. Bought lunch for a Business Office staff member.
  15. Left chocolate dipped cookies on Library and Facilities desks.
  16. Left a welcome back note on a staff member’s computer monitor.
  17. Posted note on Walsh alumni Facebook page, thanking alumni for being the boardroom and leadership stars of the business world.
  18. Put a note on a Records staff member monitor, “It is Patty Fashionista Day!”
  19. Helped a Development co-worker by advertising their upcoming event on personal social media sites.
  20. Assisted another department with cleaning up their web pages.
  21. Posted a note on a friend/student’s Facebook wall.
  22. Wrote a thank you note on the Yellow Suit’s Facebook wall.
  23. Forwarded an article about Facebook hash tags to a marketing staff person.
  24. Put three appreciation notes in faculty mailboxes.
  25. Wrote a card and left a coffee house gift card on someone’s car window.
  26. Wrote a positive note to students on two classroom boards, “Good luck on your exam. You’ll do just fine!”
  27. Sent trail mix to the College president via interdepartmental mail.
  28. E-mailed an IT co-worker thanking them for their hard work on a project.
  29. Posted a note on personal Facebook page, thanking my co-workers for their team work.
  30. Met an Admissions Office staff member’s child at an event. Explained to the co-worker that the child will achieve her dreams.
  31. Noticed, commented and talked with Development staff member about impressed I was with her involvement, dedication, and service.
  32. Wrote a note to an Admissions Office staff member thanking them for helping and giving the opportunity to learn.
  33. All week held the door open for everyone nearby that was walking in or out all week.
  34. Praised Admissions Office staff member for their amazing work with accounting students.
  35. Complimented and thanked cafeteria staff on their food (especially the cookies).
  36. Gave 10 mugs with hot chocolate to students studying for finals.
  37. Left candy on someone’s desk while they were away.
  38. Tried to brighten someone’s day with their very own water bottle.
  39. Gave new staff member a t-shirt to welcome them to the Walsh family.
  40. Handed out cans of energy drinks to students studying for finals.
  41. Left flowers on someone’s desk to make them feel appreciated.
  42. Left a random note on someone’s car to make them feel special (or stalked ?).
  43. Left notes in faculty mailboxes.
  44. Invited a person sitting alone to join the group for lunch.
  45. Shared my flavored creamer with someone who needed something extra in their morning coffee.
  46. Shared a job posting on my social networks.
  47. Posted a friends fundraising link to my social networks.
  48. Posted an educational meme on epilepsy to my social networks.
  49. Told a co-worker’s manager that her employee was doing a great job.
  50. Gave books to a few staff members with a note, “Here’s a present to remind you that every day is a gift.”
  51. Left random notes to people with the message, “Hope you have a wonderful day!”
  52. Left a co-worker a “Have a great weekend!” note.
  53. Gave a staff person a note, “Listen to Natasha Beddingfield’s Pocket of Sunshine. Enjoy!”
  54. Bought a pizza for a co-worker having a stressful day.
  55. Left a Happy Birthday voice mail message for a Walsh Institute co-worker.
  56. Gave a Walsh mug to an after-hours facilities employee.
  57. Handed a Walsh mug to an International student.
  58. Sent a Walsh t-shirt to a Novi facilities co-worker.
  59. Wrote a thank you note to a facilities employee.
  60. Gave Walsh t-shirt to two after-hours facilities employees.
  61. Gave chocolate to a Help Desk student temp.
  62. Sent Walsh phone cover, pad, and pen to two Novi employees.
  63. Sent three t-shirts to Troy after-hours staff member.
  64. Left an anonymous note on co-workers door.
  65. Put an anonymous post it on someone’s computer monitor.
  66. Bought three co-workers breakfast.
  67. Complimented co-worker’s hair.
  68. Complimented an employee’s shoes.
  69. Complimented co-worker’s shirt.
  70. Gave a staff member Peeps.
  71. Gave two people surprise candy gifts.
  72. Provided Records staff person with candy to give to Business Office co-worker when she was having a rough day.
  73. Completed some of the Records front desk work to make it a little easier.
  74. Gave two students a coupon for free Starbucks coffee.
  75. Donated items to the Veteran room for our student veterans.
  76. Helped two employees with dog training advice/situations.
  77. Made time to listen and assist a co-worker who was having issues in another department.
  78. Told a person in another department, “Thank you for doing your job so well.”
  79. Gave candy to two co-workers.
  80. Gave staff a cool swag gift.
  81. Shared an uplifting article with a staff member.
  82. Complimented an attendee on their broach.
  83. Complimented another attendee on their necklace.
  84. Shared advice with a person on how to position themselves in the field.
  85. Printed out career-relevant articles for a prospective student.
  86. Gave a 30% tip on a meal at an outing for a server.
  87. Recorded an in memoriam presentation for a deceased professor.
  88. Encouraged an additional shout-out to the others who helped in editing, directing, and writing the memoriam.
  89. Sent candy to six random employees via inter-office mail, with a note that said, “Thank you for all you do for Walsh College!”
  90. Posted a final exam good luck message for students on the Walsh Facebook page. 

Your Feedback
I'd like to hear if you were a recipient in one of these 90 kindness acts!

What have you experienced on campus?
How did it make you feel?
Have you done anything in return for someone else?


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Annie March 20, 2013 at 01:12 pm

I received a Walsh College mug on my desk from an anonymous donor, it really made my day, and made me feel noticed, so many people walk by the reception desk and dont even notice you are sitting there. Thanks so much for thinking of me.

Brenda Meller March 20, 2013 at 01:17 pm

I received the article about the Facebook hash tags plus heard and saw several other items on the list. Great job Jessica and Scott! And the entire team. :)

Danielle March 20, 2013 at 01:40 pm

That is amazing guys! I just feel sorry I wasn't one of the 10!! Love it!

Jenny Tatsak March 28, 2013 at 01:32 pm

Thank you for making my day! Although I was embarrassingly slow to check my mailbox, I was thrilled to receive such a thoughtful note and dose of chocolate to carry me through the rest of the day.

s.w. April 11, 2013 at 09:43 am

Thank you so much for spreading joy all over campus. What you've done puts into motion a positive force that can only sprout, blossom, & grow. What a rare team & a rare place. That giving energy is bound to come back to you even greater. (Being a recipient of a box of candy, I thought perhaps everyone had received the same...until I read about you all. Yes, I was touched...and grateful to even be in your sphere.) Let us all follow this force of positive giving and also find seemingly small ways to give to each other. (Recall how just a smile from someone when you are feeling blue is such a gift.) Let's keep this going. Do something kind every day, in secret ways.

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