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Jun 10 2013
Personal Development Through Student Organizations: ATSO

As told by ATSO Faculty Advisor, Deborah Mourray:

I would like to share the success story of a new student organization at Walsh College.  As the Accounting Admissions and Academic Advisor,  I was looking for a way for students to connect, support, and network with each other in their academic and professional development.  Many students were interested, and the Accounting & Tax Student Organization “ATSO”  was created, with the help of Brad Perry, future President of ATSO, who was the primary building force for the organization.  

ATSO had their first meeting on February 15th in the Walsh Cafeteria.  Much to my amazement, 16 students showed up on a Friday evening at 5PM!  Officers were elected and Committees proposed.  The students were excited and the ideas were amazing. 

Notable achievements include creating “Student Organization Week” at the start of the Spring semester, and helping 40 second graders from Blackwell Institute when they visited Walsh for a field trip.  For “Student Organization Week,” the ATSO hosted their table and assisted other student organization tables throughout the first week of class.  

The Blackwell field trip consisted of the International Student Organization (ISO) explaining the history of their home country’s flag and helping students make a flag.  ATSO volunteers explained currency, and created a passport for each student.  They had an activity for the students to “travel” to different countries with their passports, and then use the different currency to purchase candy!  It was an exciting day and the students had fun.

Since our first meeting, we have had 10 events, with another 4 events scheduled for June.   We had our fifth ATSO meeting on May 31.  There are several committees within the ATSO, including social, philanthropy, marketing, finance, scholarship, and activities committees.  When I look at all that has been accomplished in the short span of five months, I can hardly wait to see where ATSO will be a year from now!

Upcoming Events

Detroit Federal Reserve – JUNE

Study Nights – JUNE

BBQ & Fireworks at Stony Creek – JUNE

Local CPA Firm Initiative – Students visiting CPA firms (7 firms have signed-up so far).

To learn more about the ATSO, you can contact me at dmourray@walshcollege.edu, or 248.823.1290.


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Derek Baker June 14, 2013 at 01:07 pm

It is impressive how ATSO has grown so quickly in such a a short period of time. Brad, his officers, and Deb have done a fantastic job! The engagement from your members sets the bar high for all other student organizations. I especially like that you are able to create a wide variety of events which cater to different segments of the student and alumni population at Walsh. Keep up the good work!

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