Access the Alumni Portal
Access your Alumni Portal for Alumni Directory, Career Services, and the Library Catalog when on campus. Click Alumni Portal.

If you are an alumnus who Does Not have a Portal Login:

  1.  Obtain a user name:
    • Click on "Login" (upper right corner)
    • Below "Active Campus Portal," click on the link "Login ID"; complete and submit "What's my Username?"
  2. Set a Password:
    • Click on the link "Password Reset"; complete and submit "Student/Faculty/Alumni Password Reset"
    • You must know your student/alumni ID to complete this form.
  3. If you do not know your student/alumni ID:
    • You must complete the Alumni ID Request Form
    • Your ID number will be emailed to you after identity verification process.
    • If you have questions regarding this process, please contact Holly Blust at hblust@walshcollege.edu or (248) 823-1245.

For help with your Portal login, please contact the Walsh College Helpdesk at (248) 823-1350 or helpdesk@walshcollege.edu.