Walsh College

Why support the Impact Fund?

Walsh College is working to attract the best and brightest faculty and students, and to provide them with modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment.

This work is expensive – tuition alone cannot cover these costs – and that’s why your generous annual support of the Walsh College Foundation Impact Fund is so important and appreciated. The Impact Fund offers unrestricted funds that the College can use at its discretion, or to fill gaps in funding, so that those costs are not passed along to students in the form of tuition increases.

The Impact Fund supports three main areas at Walsh College:

  • Technological updates: Technology changes rapidly; Annual Fund support allows students to learn on current technology that they will use in the “real world”. The Impact Fund allows Walsh College to have a modern facility and up-to-date- technology that allows us to compete with other business schools.

  • Physical improvement: The Impact Fund helps replace outdated and broken furniture in areas such as computer labs and classrooms, to provide a learning environment that is comfortable and without distraction.

  • General scholarship support: Scholarships can be an important recruitment tool, attracting the best and brightest to Walsh College, while supporting deserving students who might otherwise not be able to afford an education. The Impact Fund ensures that scholarship students can receive uninterrupted awards for as long as they meet the scholarship criteria.

If you are an alumnus of Walsh College, chances are, you benefited from something the Impact Fund supported at some time during your time here!

Walsh College is a private, not for profit school. Impact Fund support gives Walsh the means to deal with the daily, sometimes extraordinary, costs of running a College.  

Giving Societies

Walsh College has established Giving Societies to recognize those donors whose leadership gifts demonstrate a commitment to excellence.

President’s Report

The annual Walsh College President’s Report provides an update on College activities, a review of the past year, stories of student and faculty success, and recognition of volunteers and donors.


Click here to view the President's Report.