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Jun 4 2012
Blackwell Institute: School Year in Review

First grade.  Fifty students.  One year.  The first grade is an important year.  It is the start of the basic educational foundation which will be used for years to come.  Not having kids myself, I’ve learned a few things this year:

  1. They love and easily embrace technology. 
    At our first visit in September we helped students type a sentence and their name on the computer.  I was shocked by how many (6-7 year olds) knew where most of the keys were.  It has only been about 27 years since I was their age, but I didn’t have a clue where keys were until later. 

    Each of the sessions I attend I try to take a few photos.  The students love any chance for a photo opp.  I often get asked if I can take their picture and they want to see it right away.  If I didn’t keep the camera nearby, they’d probably start snapping photos themselves! 

  3. Kids appreciate life’s simple joys.
    This past October the students came to the Troy campus for a Fall Festival field trip.  It was hosted by the International Student Organization and included reading stories, coloring and a pizza lunch.  The teacher called me later that week to explain that the kids were excited about the lunch.  Who knew that life’s simple joys such as a pizza lunch would bring such enjoyment to a child! 

Overall it has been a great year.  In just 10 months we’ve covered a variety of topics:  typing, business professions, math, Earth Day, and Michigan geography.  Craft projects were made for Veteran’s Day and Mother’s Day.  Plus, in December we had Santa deliver toys and books (donated by staff) to both classes!

This school year is wrapping up, but volunteers are still needed for this the last session on Tuesday, June 12 from 9:30-10:30 a.m.  Activities will include writing and drawing pictures about this past year.  To register, e-mail your name and contact information to Jessica Knapik via jknapik@walshcollege.edu.

Blackwell 2011-12 Video
Click on the image to view this year's video.


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