Marketing on a (Silver) Platter

One trend I’m noticing in marketing over the past few years is the ability of non-marketers to amplify an organization’s brand message. I see this as a direct and positive impact of social media. Whereas in the past an organization had to rely on its marketing and PR department to be the sole communicator for the organization, nowadays all organizations can benefit by engaging their already engaged employees.

As marketing professionals, we have the power and the ability to influence how our employees share the information we desire to be shared. One easy way to do this is to provide your employees suggested social media posts when you share news and information with them.

I like to refer to this as “Marketing on a Silver Platter.” In essence, you are serving up your desired marketing message to your employee audience in a pre-formatted, often clickable format.

Just as we as consumers find that food is even more desirable when offered to us on a silver platter, so are employees of a marketing message when it’s served up in an easy-to-share format. They are more likely to share when we make it easy for them to do so.

An Example

Here is an example of how our marketing department issued a press release and also created clickable social media posts to ask our employees to help amplify our message:

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**Or copy and paste the following:

Celebrate diversity at Walsh’s 7th annual International Day on May 25. Stop by the Troy campus between 4 -7 p.m. to enjoy delicious cuisines, music, entertainment, and traditions. Learn more >> https://goo.gl/NenCkT

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**Or copy and paste the following:

Experience diverse cultures at Walsh College’s International Day Thurs. 5/28. Bring your dancing shoes! Learn more>> https://goo.gl/NenCkT

LinkedIn: (Click here to share post)

**Or copy and paste the following:

Walsh is hosting International Day on May 25. Learn about different cultures while enjoying good food, music, and traditions. Event details >> https://goo.gl/NenCkT

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**Or copy and paste the following:

International Day is around the corner! Join us on Thursday, May 25, from 4 - 7 p.m., to learn about different cultures in an authentic, fun, and welcoming environment.



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