The ABC's of a Graduate Degree

With the start of each new semester, the words "Walsh College alumni" become even more meaningful to me.

I remember before I began my MBA classes, Jeremy Guc reminded me that earning a graduate degree will open many doors that will always remain open to you.

For me, it comes down to the ABCs of higher ed:

  • A= Achievement. Earning an MBA was something I had as a personal and professional goal for about 10 years.
  • B= Balance. I recommend you wait a few years after you have completed your undergrad to start your grad degree. By doing so you'll balance your experience with new ways of thinking to enhance your career.
  • C= Confidence. Having a dual MBA / Master of Science in Marketing has given me confidence in myself and in my abilities as a marketing leader.

Have you earned your graduate degree? If so, reply to share what prompted you to start your graduate degree. Then click to share. Because earning a graduate degree is challenging and you are awesome.

My name is Brenda Meller, and I'm a proud Walsh College alumni and holder of a dual degree: MBA and Master of Science in Marketing.


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