Scott Wyckoff

Admissions and Academic Advisor

Scott Wyckoff is an admissions and academic advisor with Walsh College. He is a Walsh alum earning his BBA-FIN and currently pursuing a master’s in business administration. He assists students with admissions process, advising, course sequencing, and shares ideas with students looking to differentiate themselves in workforce. After a fifteen-year career in banking and finance he lends his ideas and expertise to students seeking to use education as a lever to further enhance their career endeavors. Scott is also a big believer in employing creativity to generate a plethora of ideas. By using diagrams such as lotus blossoms, mind-mapping, thinking maps, concept maps, and other creativity tools he hopes to help students with their life, academic and career challenges. Scott has lived in Michigan all his life is married and a proud father of two children. He can be contacted at 248-823-1610 or swyckoff@walshcollege.edu.