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Dec 7 2009
Safe Online Shopping Tips

This holiday season, many retailers are offering online discounts.  Many of us will take advantage of the sales and convenience of shopping online this holiday season.    I know I will avoid crowded stores and long lines. Below are a few tips for protecting your identity while shopping online.  Please feel free to add additional tips.

E-mail Tips

·         Don’t open e-mail from anyone you don’t know. Delete information regarding accounts you didn’t open.  They are fake phishing e-mails!

·         Don’t click on links in e-mails. Instead of clicking on a link, open your browser and type in the URL for the online store or site where you wish to shop

Password Tips

·         Use secure passwords when opening an online shopping account:

o   Don’t use words found in the dictionary

o   Don’t use family member or pet names, birthdays, social security numbers or other common identifiable  information in your password

o   Make sure passwords are at least 8 characters and are a combination of lower case and upper  case letters, numbers, and special characters such as $#@! Etc.

Shopping Tips

o   Read return policies before your purchase

o   Read privacy policies before you open an account

o   Use a credit card  and not a debit card to purchase items

o   Don’t use library or public computers to make online purchases

o   Don’t allow an automatic or  a remembered log-on at shopping sites

o   Look for the lock icon displayed in your browser

General Security Tips

·         Make sure your anti-virus software is up to date

·         Download any new anti-virus signature files before shopping online

·         Complete a virus scan of you system before shopping online


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