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Privacy in Your Garbage Pail

According to a news report, some citizens in the UK are upset with their communities for adding micro chips to their garbage pails.  The purpose of these chips will be to monitor the amount of garbage each families disposes.  Will this data be used to charge higher rates to large or wasteful families?  Will this data be used as an incentive to promote recycling?  Once your data is collected, you really don't have control over its use.  Another concern is the security of the database and system storing your data. If the system is comprised, what else can be done with this data?

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I am interested in your opinions on the use of data collected about us.

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Eric Charnesky on March 8, 2010 at 11:48 am

I am more concerned about the cost of this ridiculous program. Start charging per garbage bag if you want to cut down on waste. Who cares if someone can find out how many pounds of trash I throw out each week.

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