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Feb 20 2012
E-You Energy

The Women’s Entrepreneur Conference or “Entrepreneur You” as we called it, turned out to be one of the coolest events I’ve ever had the pleasure of planning.  Here are a few things I took away:
1. First time we sold out an event.
    a. We’ll have to remind our members and best customers to register early.
    b. I found it interesting who called in friendship favors to get into our exclusive event.
2. Keeping the price low made it possible for aspiring entrepreneurs to attend.
    a. The only way we can continue to keep it low is by getting more sponsors.
    b. No need to have an exhibitor sponsor level next time. They take as much work as sponsors who anted up 20 times the funds.
3. We were under-represented in the under-35 age group.
    a. We need talk to Walsh undergraduate students about entrepreneurship.
    b. We might be able to partner with another school like CCS for a younger crowd.
4. Our formula of success stories and technical instruction works.
    a. Our conferences offer real world examples – women like Pam Turkin – talking about what worked and what didn’t.
    b. Our technical sessions with checklists and planning papers are hugely popular and should be continued…
The energy among the participants, the engagement of the presenters and our staff excitement over the event was palpable – you could see it and feel it!  The challenge will be to keep it fresh every year. We will need feedback – and would love to hear from you.

Here's a link to some of the pictures:


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