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Sep 25 2012
Don't Wait to Visit the Library
By: Barb Koch Category: Library


It happens every semester: A student comes into the library near the end of the term asking for help. He sheepishly admits that he’s never used the Walsh library before. After I help the student search a database, find a book, or edit his citations, the student comments that if he’d known the library had so many resources, his previous assignments would have been a lot easier. What’s more, the student learns that he can do most of his research online, through the Walsh College portal.

As the fall semester begins, we’d like to invite you to visit the library to familiarize yourself with our resources and staff. If you need a book, journal articles or assistance with research, we’re here to help. Like the student above, you might be surprised at what the library has to offer. There are some 26,000 business, reference and tax books; 40 computers for online research; dozens of databases for accessing magazines, newspapers and journals; access to resources from other Michigan libraries, and librarians who are ready and willing to help you find and use the research tools you need for your assignments.

Many of our resources are online. Our new library director, Nancy Brzozowski, is committed to increasing the library’s online content. A good place to begin online research is at the library Research Guides, which include links to books, databases, Web sites and tutorials focused on specific topics or courses. Librarians, in consultation with faculty, have compiled the most appropriate resources for Walsh students in these guides. Topics include: Accounting, Tax, Human Resources, Finance, Management, and Marketing. We’re continually adding more, so check the Research Guide home page before starting your research.

There’s so much more we’d like to tell you about the Walsh Library. Stop by our display during Welcome Week, visit the Troy or Novi libraries in person, or explore our Web site. We want to help you succeed this semester.


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