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The Dreaded References Page

As the semester progresses, students will be scrambling to complete class projects and papers. One of the most frustrating tasks for students working on class projects is the References page. This is where you list the sources you used when writing your paper. Walsh College requires the use of APA Style, which is routinely used for scholarship in the sciences, including social science and business. The style specifies the format used for citations, including capitalization, punctuation, and the order in which the elements appear. APA is detailed in the 272-page Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, available in the bookstore and the library.

APA style is very tedious, but the library offers help. Every semester we publish a handout titled Walsh College APA Documentation that highlights the format for citing books and database content. Students find it to be very useful. It’s available in the library and online. In addition, we recently created a new handout for citing Web sites. The APA Documentation Resource Guide is another excellent resource for APA style. Find it at http://tinyurl.com/apawalsh . It includes the handouts mentioned above, and a number of Web sites and tutorials, including online citation generators.

If, after using these resources, you’re still having trouble with your References page, the librarians can assist you. Call, come in, or email the library for help.

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