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At the Walsh Library, we continually update our resources to meet the needs of our students, often adding online resources for your convenience. During the past few months, we’ve added three new databases, which can be accessed from on or off campus.

Statistical Abstract.  If you ever need statistics about U.S. social, political or economic conditions, this is the place to go. The Stat Abstract was published by the Census Bureau from 1878 to 2012. When it was discontinued because of budget cutbacks, Proquest took over its publication and added a database  version. Proquest gathers statistics from the Census Bureau, other government agencies, and private sources to create an annual snapshot of the United States and its people.

Business Insights. Formerly Business and Company Resource Center, this database was revised and reintroduced last year. It’s an excellent place to begin company, industry and product research. The database includes market research, industry and SWOT reports; company profiles, histories and financials; investment research, and periodical articles.

FIS Mergent WebReports. This database is an online version of the Moody’s and Mergent Manuals, which contain company financial information back to 1909.

These are the three newest of dozens of online databases that students can access through the Walsh Library. If you need help choosing or using a database for an assignment, call or come into the library.

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