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Mar 21 2013

OK, so you just graduated college and are ready for a job. Now what? Just apply for jobs? What happens if you need experience that you don’t have? This was the position I was in and the challenge I faced when I graduated in the summer of 2012. Attending the college’s career fair back in September 2012, I stopped at the Walsh College booth.. Soon after the career fair I received a phone call to set up an interview for their marketing internship. I went on the interview where they told me the position wouldn’t be open until January of 2013. After months of applying for jobs without any luck, January came around. I accepted the internship and started working in the marketing job at Walsh College as an intern.

This internship is my first experience working in an office setting. Every day is a learning experience, not only with marketing, but also working with people. The biggest challenge I had when I first started was knowing what is expected of me. Learning the expectations of my colleagues was essential; I quickly learned what things were expected of me and adapted to them. I believe that getting an internship is a great way to mold a person to be better qualified for a potential job. There are things you learn in school but quickly forget because you don’t use them in years. For example, I learned how to do many things in Microsoft Office but didn’t use them outside of school. Working in this internship allows me to work every day with these products, refreshing me on the little things I need to know. I learned  things weren’t taught in school. Focus groups are something that I only read about in marketing textbooks. Now, they are something that I take part in conducting. Google Analytics is another example. I recently expressed interest in learning analytics and quickly got the opportunity to learn what they are and how to run reports.

No matter what degree program you are currently pursuing or a graduate of, I strongly encourage getting an internship to sharpen your skills. Personally, I believe the best time for an internship is before you finish school. I myself waited until I graduated to get an internship while most of my classmates were already in internships. So far, I’ve been in this internship for about three months and am more marketable than I was before I started.


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