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Mar 26 2013
Walsh Students Use In-Class Teaching to Help Non-Profits

Students at Walsh College not only receive a high-level education from current business professionals, but they have an impact in the local community as well.  Several classes each semester team-up with local non-profits to provide consulting work during semester-long projects, including students in MKT 453 and MKT 541.

MBA student Joanne Gorney, who worked with the Children’s ToothFairy Foundation in MKT 541, said of her experience “With a not-for-profit client like the ToothFairy Foundation, you want to help and put a solid plan together that’s sustainable and will work for the children.”

The proposed campaign ideas wowed Paula Tutman of the foundation.  “The reports the students submitted look amazing,” she remarked.  “I think all of the teams correctly identified our deficiencies and what direction we should be going in.  There is definitely a lot of valuable information we can use.”

In Social Media Strategies for Business (MKT 453), taught by Lauren Ziskie, students learn how to leverage online word of mouth, social search, buzz, and the influence of networks to market to new and existing customer bases. 

Dr. Linda Hagan, Director of Graduate Programs at Walsh, teaches MKT 541, Strategic Communications & Public Relations.  Dr. Hagan is currently looking for a new client to work with for the upcoming spring semester.  If you have any suggestions, please respond to this blog with the name of the organization, contact information, and why the organization will be a great fit.  Ideal candidates will be organizations that involve children or the environment.


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