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Apr 25 2013
Your Goal is to Have a Successful Career In Business

Our Goal at Walsh College is to Prepare You for a Successful Career in Business.

A successful career in business starts with the right business education. Walsh College degree programs are focused and practical, helping you to become a strong communicator and problem solver.

Walsh pioneered the concept of real-world business education in 1922, and still leads the way in offering the best business education in Michigan. Here at Walsh you will learn both theoretical and applied business practices.

Walsh Graduates are CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, and COOs, managing partners of accounting firms, company owners, marketing directors, computer programmers, human resource managers and more.

Learn Business From Business Leaders

Walsh faculty teaches information that is relevant, focused, and practical; they often spend each day actually accomplishing what they’re teaching.

Cultivate the Classroom

Smaller class sizes allow students to have positive rapport and interaction with their instructor.

More Than Textbook Learning

Hands-on experience and knowledge in the classroom leads to success in the workplace. Undergraduate and graduate programs expand textbook learning to include challenges that you’ll face on the job.

A Degree That Fits Your Life

Four 11-week semesters allow you to fit education into your busy life. Courses meet once a week during the day and evening. Convenient locations include Troy, Novi, Clinton Township, and Port Huron. Online classes are also available.


To schedule an appointment to come talk with an advisor please contact admissions at admissions@walshcollege.edu or 248-823-1610.




Repurposed from Graduate Programs viewbook 2012-2013.


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