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Apr 29 2013
Marketing, Taught from a Unique Perspective

Marketing is ever-changing, and textbooks are moving towards current, practical, real-world applications. “Marketing is no longer a soft science,” Department Chair Michael Levens, Ph.D., said. “Quantitative measurements and extensive marketing research have made marketing results measurable and actionable.”

Students are able to connect theory with reality and how specific strategies and tactics can influence a marketing plan by taking quantitative courses at Walsh. Both corporate and non-profit marketing departments face challenges that Walsh marketing students will be able to face through classroom scenarios.

“Students at Walsh are uniquely prepared to understand the new marketing model,“ Dr. Levens said. “Most already take Quantitative Methods as part of their coursework, and are able to generate the information necessary to make informed decisions.”

Walsh’s curriculum evolves as the market changes. Instructors at Walsh College actively participate in discussions on the value of social media that will help determine the best way to monetize the loyalty. These discussions may help generate the strategy that turns a company’s Facebook account into a savings account.

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Repurposed from: The Marketing Mix, Summer 2012.


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