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Jun 14 2013
Re-energize Your Brand

Imagine if you are the newly hired CEO of an automotive company. This company designs, manufactures, and distributes luxury automobiles. Now imagine this luxury brand has had falling sales, declining customer base, increasing debt, and was losing market share by one to two percent per year for the past five years. You were brought in to turn it around or liquidate it. In reality, liquidation is not want you on your resume. That action would be the 800-lb gorilla pointing the finger at you when you interview for ANY future C-suite position.

Given this scenario, what would you do? What would be the first thing you would do? Fire current management? Restructure the marketing department? Interrogate the designers in a dark room lit only by a 10-watt light above their head? Did I fail to mention the you have very few available resources...Again, what would you do?

After reading the previous scenario imagine that YOU were that luxury brand. What would you do to turn yourself around? What would be your personal business model? Why should people care that your brand exists?

Please, share your thoughts.


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Derek Baker June 16, 2013 at 01:09 pm

This is good Scott, very thought provoking. Personal branding is not easy, you can spend years building up a brand and lose all credibility from one mistake. You have to be very careful not to be around the wrong people or in the wrong situation in a way which your brand could be tarnished. Ethics and honesty go a long way here. To me the personal brand is about who you are as a person (your personality) and where you are going in life. It is about being real -- authenticity. Being dependable and true to your word. Getting the job done and not making any excuses. If I was in the scenario you described I would take a hard look at myself and decide what I could do to improve my situation. It would require bringing out a competitiveness to the way I look at the world. Being the best I could be at work and in my personal life. Putting 100% effort into everything I was doing. Exceeding others expectations, and of course mine because I am my own toughest critic. People would be attracted to me (my brand) because of the enjoyment I get out of each interaction. The world would seem open and limitless rather than hostile and cold.

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