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Oct 23 2013
Walsh Grads See Business in Everything

Walsh grads don’t just see business in the obvious – they see the true business opportunities in everything. Business is in everything from ham to golf balls. Walsh can help you see beyond the product and into the business aspects behind almost everything.

How is ham a business? Walsh alum Lou Schmidt Jr. is the president of Michigan’s division of HoneyBaked Ham, responsible for the operation of about 100 stores in 14 states.  With 400 stores nationwide, annual sales are around $500 million. To most people, ham is just food, but to others it’s a big business.

How are golf balls a business? It’s actually a $25 billon industry. Yes, that’s billion with a “B.”  Nearly 1 million balls are made daily by Titleist. All for a product that gets lost about 300 million times annually.  It’s not just a golf ball, but an economic indicator. How can a golf ball indicate the economy? In the rough economy of 2009, the business of retrieving, repackaging, and reselling went up significantly.

There is a business behind every product; Walsh can help you see that. For more information visit livebreathebusiness.org.


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